What 's the
 Transcend to The World! Power of IT Women 

Transcend to the World! Power of IT Women is the first joint event by a women community active in the Asia-Pacific region.
This time, we will be holding the AWS Singapore office, especially for accessibility from the Southeast Asian community.

Purpose of Planning

For the first time in Asian countries, as many companies enter the global market, in a community where people and people can deeply engage, we keep that exchange in a small world. Especially women appreciate that they are hiding in their shadows. This is extremely undesirable, I think that if you can communicate deeper than a community like female colleagues, and develop our passion, the world will be changed more.

Background and background of motivation

In the IT industry including AWS, many women are active in many countries around the world. However, I am still thinking that the success of that activity is not taken up to some extent. I am thinking that there is no opportunity for our comrades to listen to them or opportunities to deliver them.


Saturday, June 1, 2019


Main Story 10:30 – 17:30
After Party 18:00 ~


AWS Office Singapore


AAWA (AWS Asian Women’s Association) Volunteers Centered On AWS US In Asia

Benefits for attendance

(Discovery and Learning)


AWS Office Singapore23 Church St, #10-01, Singapore 049481